Terms of service

Notice of the main contents of the terms of use

※ The main content of these basic terms and conditions is that the company separately notifies the members for the rights and interests of the company and members, in order to fulfill the legal obligations under the Act on the regulation of the terms and conditions. Therefore, members must check the main contents of these Terms of Use, and if you cannot understand the main contents of these Terms of Use or have any questions, please read the entire Terms of Use carefully.

When a visitor enters the member's account, password, and other information that matches the login information provided to the company to use the company's services and accesses the company's mobile and web pages, all transactions made during the relevant access period The conduct is considered to be due to the true intention of the member. Therefore, members must maintain the security of their accounts, passwords and other information, and must be careful of damage caused by financial accidents or crimes themselves.

In the case of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, the issuer does not exist, so no third parties inside or outside Korea (including companies) guarantee value or guarantee payment. Therefore, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin may have very large volatility depending on the law of the Republic of Korea, the interpretation of the authority of the administrative agency, and the economic environment, and the interpretation of legal actions for transactions of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin differs from country to country. Since there are inherent risks, members must pay attention to this point.

In the case of Aladdin Exchange transaction service, it is a service provided by the company so that members can trade cryptocurrencies with third parties using blockchain technology. Currently, blockchain technology is evaluated as non-modifiable by a third party, but this can be changed at any time due to technological advances or other unforeseen circumstances.

When a member trades cryptocurrency using the company's service, the transaction details of the cryptocurrency are recorded in the blockchain, allowing cryptocurrency users around the world to check the truth of the transaction. However, if the consistency of the blockchain for which transaction details are confirmed is damaged due to reasons attributable to a third party such as a communication service provider, inspection of the server in the company, or errors in the blockchain itself, transactions are made by the company or a third party other than the company. History can be restored to a specific point in the past.

The company makes efforts to provide 365 days, 24 hours service, but this is not a guarantee. In the event of a problem such as a temporary suspension of the service or an error in the service due to illegal acts of a member or a third party, the company resolves the problem and resumes the service. In this case, the member may request the company to recover based on the transaction record held by the company, but the company may in any case compensate for the profit from the recovery of the transaction record or damage the member with other types of cryptocurrency or KRW points. Does not compensate.

Recently, there have been cases of using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as a means of electronic financial fraud such as smishing and pharming. Therefore, members must take care of themselves so that damage does not occur due to electronic financial fraud, and if an investigation by an investigative agency, judiciary, administrative agency, or other public authority is required due to an electronic financial fraud, the account and electronic wallet need to be frozen, The company may freeze the account and electronic wallet without the consent of the member.

In the event of damage to the company due to the member's illegal activity, the company may exercise the right to claim damages against the member according to the law. Therefore, please be sure to follow the laws and regulations to use the company's services.

1. Purpose

  • These terms and conditions are for the purpose of stipulating the rights, obligations and matters of the company and members, and other necessary matters for the use of Aladdin Exchange and all Aladdin Exchange-related services that Aladdin Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is responsible for. Do it.

2. Definition

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows:

  • 1. "Service" means Aladdin Exchange's digital asset transaction service and related services that can be used by members regardless of terminal (including various wired and wireless devices such as PCs and portable terminals).
  • 2. "Member" refers to a customer who accesses the service, signs a use contract with the company in accordance with these terms and conditions, and uses the service provided by the company.
  • 3. "ID (ID or account)" refers to a combination of letters or numbers that the company gives to the member to identify the member and provide the service after the member agrees to these terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • 4. "Digital asset" refers to information that exists electronically in the blockchain, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that can be traded in the service, and refers to the object of the service.
  • 5. "External Digital Asset Address" means any digital asset address or account owned or used by a Member or another person, outside of the Service. Addresses of external digital assets are not owned, controlled or operated by the company.
  • 6. "Aladdin Exchange Wallet" means a digital asset wallet used by Aladdin Exchange to store digital assets associated with a Member's Aladdin Exchange ID. Members can send and receive digital assets with "External Digital Asset Address" through "Aladdin Exchange Wallet".
  • 7. "Post" refers to information or materials in online digital form, such as codes, letters, figures, colors, voices, sounds, images, and images (including complexes of these) provided by the company to members.
  • 8. "Market" refers to a virtual space where members can buy and sell digital assets according to their will.
  • 9. "Important Affiliate" refers to a company that provides some important functions of the "Service" by entering into an alliance contract with the "Company".
  • 10. “Mileage” is an event reward executed by a member on the Aladdin exchange and can be changed with TNC coins in the future.

3. Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions

  • ① The company posts the contents of this agreement within the service or through the connection screen so that members can easily understand.
  • ② If necessary, the company may revise these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws and regulations.
  • ③ If the company revises this agreement, the service will notify you from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date by specifying the revised content and application date. However, in the case of changes that are unfavorable to members, it will be notified from 30 days before the effective date.
  • ④ In the event that the member does not expressly express his or her intention to reject it, even though the company clearly informs the member that the expression of intention is deemed to have been expressed if the member does not express his or her intention by the day before the application date while notifying in accordance with the preceding paragraph, I see you agree.
  • ⑤ If the member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may express his or her intention to reject the service by the day before the effective date and terminate the service use contract.

4. Interpretation of Terms and Conditions

  • ① The company may have a separate operating policy in addition to these terms and conditions.
  • ② Any matters or interpretations not specified in these terms and conditions shall be in accordance with the operating policy, usage guide, and related laws.

5. Conclusion of use contract

  • ① In terms of use contract, a person who wants to become a member (hereinafter referred to as "subscription applicant") agrees to the terms and conditions provided by the company, and then completes the application for subscription according to the procedure set by the company, and the company responds to such application. It is concluded upon acceptance.
  • ② The Company may not approve the application of the applicant for subscription if there is a reason falling under each of the subparagraphs below, and if the reasons for each of the following subparagraphs are confirmed even after signing up, the company may cancel the acceptance or suspend the contract of use.
    • 1. If the applicant for membership has previously lost membership in accordance with these terms and conditions
    • 2. In case of using the name other than the real name or the name of another person
    • 3. When false or incorrect information is entered or provided, or when the company does not provide information
    • 4. In case the application cannot be approved due to reasons attributable to the applicant or in violation of all other matters specified in this agreement
    • 5. If you intend to use the service for an illegal purpose or a separate business purpose
    • 6. When the application is made for the purpose of violating related laws or impeding social order or morals
    • 7. If the applicant is a US citizen or under the age of 19
  • ③ The timing of establishment of the use contract is when the company indicates the completion of account creation in the application process or when a notification in accordance with the method of Article 19 reaches the applicant.
  • ④ In order to check whether the information provided by the member is consistent with the facts, the company may request real name verification or self-certification through a professional organization within the scope permitted by law.

6. Change of member information

  • ① Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the service. However, the ID required for service management cannot be modified.
  • ② If the information entered at the time of membership application is changed, the member must correct the change directly in the service or notify the company of the change through the customer center.
  • ③ The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the member not notifying the company of the changes in the preceding paragraph.

7. Management of member information

  • ① The company is concerned that the member's information may leak personal information, may be misunderstood as someone other than the member himself, or be against antisocial or public morals, infringe on the rights of a third party, or be mistaken for the company and its operator. If there is, you can restrict the use of the member information. In addition, even in other cases, the company may restrict the use of the exchange if it is deemed necessary by the company's reasonable judgment.
  • ② If the account and password registered by the member match those registered with the company, the company regards the user as a member without a separate verification procedure.
  • ③ Members are responsible for keeping all information necessary for account access, including passwords, securely to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the member's account.
  • ④ If the member recognizes that the account access information has been lost, stolen, or disclosed to a third party, the member must immediately notify the company. The company may immediately take measures such as suspension of account use.
  • ⑤ The company is not responsible for any damages caused to members due to the loss, theft or disclosure of access information such as the member's account password. However, this is not the case in the case of intentional or negligence of the company.

8. Protection of personal information

The Company strives to protect the personal information of members in accordance with relevant laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the Personal Information Protection Act. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, relevant laws and regulations and the company's personal information processing policy are applied. However, the company's personal information processing policy does not apply to screens linked to the outside of the screens produced and provided by the company.

9. Company's obligations

  • ① The company complies with the relevant laws and regulations and these terms and conditions, and makes every effort to provide continuous and stable service.
  • ② The company may have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can safely use the service, and disclose and comply with the personal information processing policy.
  • ③ If the company deems that opinions or complaints raised by members in relation to the service use are legitimate, they must handle them, and can deliver the processing process and results to members through 1:1 inquiries or e-mail.

10. Member's obligations

  • ① Members must not do the following actions.
    • 1. Theft of information from others
    • 2. Change of information posted by the company
    • 3. Transmission or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information set by the company
    • 4. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties
    • 5. Acts that damage the reputation of the company and other third parties or interfere with business
    • 6. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, voices, false facts, and other information contrary to public order and good manners.
    • 7. Using the service for profit without the prior consent of the company
    • 8. Access to the service through automated means such as Agent, Script, Spider, Spyware, Toolbar, or other illegal methods without prior consent of the company, exposure Unlawfully generating or increasing the number of times and clicks, applying for service use, and causing load on the company's server
    • 9. Collecting personal information and account information of other members
    • 10. Disrupting the sound trading order by unfairly affecting the market price of digital assets
    • 11. Other illegal or unfair practices
  • ② Members must comply with related laws, these terms and conditions, information notified or notified by the company in relation to the service, and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the company's business.

11. Retribution of rights

  • ① Copyright and intellectual property rights for the service belong to the company.
  • ② In relation to the service, the company grants only the right to use the service according to the terms of use set by the company, and the member cannot transfer, sell, or dispose of it.

12. Provision of Services, etc.

  • ① The company can divide the service into a certain range and specify the available time separately for each range. However, in such cases, the contents will be notified in advance.
  • ② In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • ③ The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication disruptions, or operational reasons. In this case, the company notifies the member through the initial service screen or notice board in advance. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.
  • ④ The company may inspect if necessary to provide the service, and the inspection time will follow the notice on the service provision screen.

13. Change of service

  • ① The company may change the contents of the service, operational and technical matters in order to provide stable service.
  • ② When changing the service, the company notifies in advance by specifying the details of the change and the date of application. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify in advance, it may be notified after the fact.
  • ③ If the member does not agree to the service change, the member may express his or her intention to reject the service and terminate the use contract.

14. Use of service

  • ① The member must submit an order for buying and selling digital assets to the company according to the method determined by the company.
  • ② When a member submits a digital asset trading order, he/she must have the digital assets necessary to conclude the trading order in the Aladdin Exchange wallet.
  • ③ The company provides order confirmation information that summarizes the quantity, price, and commission of digital assets the member intends to buy or sell before the member submits the order. Members agree that even if the Company fails to provide such order confirmation information, orders submitted by members will not be affected.
  • ④ Members agree that the company is not responsible for changes in the price of digital assets. In the event of an interruption in the digital asset market or an unavoidable event such as Article 23, Paragraph 2, the Company may take one or more of the following actions, and the Company shall not be held liable for any losses incurred to the members due to such actions.
    • 1. Suspension of access to services
    • 2. Suspension of all activities in the service
  • ⑤ In order to check whether the information provided by the member matches the facts when depositing and withdrawing cash and digital assets, the company may request real name verification or identity verification within the range permitted by law.
  • ⑥ If the balance of the digital asset in the Aladdin Exchange wallet is greater than the amount corresponding to the outstanding order, the member can send the amount minus the fee to the external digital asset address. The member is responsible for the accuracy of the external digital asset address provided by the member, and the company is not responsible for sending digital assets to the external digital asset address incorrectly entered by the member.

15. Notes on service use

  • ① The company has the reasons for each subparagraph of Article 5 (2), Article 17 (1) and (2), or if necessary to prevent damage to members due to such reasons, orders submitted through the service You can reject or place restrictions on the transaction amount and other transaction terms. For example, you can limit the number of open orders that can be set through the service, or limit transactions with members in certain regions. In this case, the company notifies the member in the manner pursuant to Article 19.
  • ② Members can cancel an order only before the order submitted to the service is concluded. For partially executed orders, you can cancel the remaining unfulfilled orders. The company may reject a request for cancellation if a member submits an order at the market price.
  • ③ If the digital assets available in the member's Aladdin Exchange wallet are insufficient for the amount to execute the order submitted by the member, the company will cancel the entire order or fulfill a partial order corresponding to the digital assets available to the member's Aladdin Exchange wallet.
  • ④ The company may suspend all services if it is difficult to continue the service due to serious business reasons such as abolition of business due to business transfer, division, merger, expiration of contracts with important affiliates, or significant deterioration in profits of the service. In this case, unless there is other unavoidable reason, the member will be notified of the date of suspension, the reason for the suspension, and the method of transferring digital assets held by the user by the method of Article 19 (1) up to 30 days before the suspension date. However, the company supports the transfer (withdrawal) of the member's digital assets in accordance with Article 15, Paragraph 5 of these Terms and Conditions so that the member can safely transfer (withdraw) his or her digital assets even if transaction support is stopped.
  • ⑤ The company can use the service if there is a reason for stopping the provision of inevitable services such as defects in the digital asset itself, bankruptcy or dissolution of important affiliates, termination of digital asset transaction support, related laws and regulations Individual digital assets can be added or excluded. The company will make reasonable efforts to notify members in advance whether or not to remove digital assets. When certain digital assets are excluded from the service provided by the company, the company may transfer digital assets to personal wallets issued by exchanges other than Aladdin Exchange for at least 30 days from the date of notification of suspension of digital asset transaction support. ) Support.
  • ⑥ The content provided by the service is an auxiliary material for the use of the service, and is not a solicitation or suggestion of investment or transaction. The company does not guarantee the accuracy of the content and information provided by other information providers.
  • ⑦ The company can support the transaction of new digital assets according to its operating policy.

16. Service Fee

  • ① When using the services provided by the company, such as digital asset transaction service and digital asset deposit/withdrawal service, members must pay the corresponding fee. Service fees are specified in the company's website "fee policy".
  • ② The company may set the service fee through consultation with the member in case specific conditions are met.
  • ③ It is subject to change according to the market situation and situation in which the company is facing, and the member is responsible for checking the fee before executing any transaction that may incur fees.

17. Restrictions on use, etc.

  • ① The company may restrict the member's service login if it falls under any of the following items.
    • 1. In case of hacking and fraud
    • 2. In case of suspected identity theft
    • 3. When a national agency requests service restriction in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
    • 4. When it is reasonably suspected of being involved in market price manipulation, money laundering, unfair trade, criminal activity, etc.
    • 5. If the case of membership is confirmed as a minor
    • 6. If you are verified as a member of a registered U.S. citizen (US citizens cannot join or use the exchange.)
    • 7. When it is confirmed that the member is making a deposit and withdrawal transaction in KRW to an account in the name of another person
    • 8. When any other reason occurs, or when measures are necessary to prevent such occurrence.
  • ② The company may withhold or restrict the member's use of transactions, deposits, and withdrawals in the following cases.
    • 1. If the case of membership is confirmed as a minor
    • 2. If you are verified as a member of a registered U.S. citizen (US citizens cannot join or use the exchange.)
    • 3. Hacking and fraudulent accidents have occurred or are suspected to have occurred
    • 4. In case of suspected identity theft
    • 5. When a national agency requests service restriction in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
    • 6. If you are involved in or reasonably suspect that you are involved in market price manipulation, money laundering, unfair trade, criminal activities, etc.
    • 7. When it is confirmed that the member is making a deposit and withdrawal transaction in KRW to an account in the name of another person
    • 8. In the event of any other reason corresponding to each of the subparagraphs, or when measures are necessary to prevent such occurrence
    • 9. When deposits are made to trade digital assets on behalf of others such as purchasing agents
    • 10. When it is difficult for the company to check the IP that the member actually accessed, such as when connecting using a VPN
    • 11. If the account is presumed to be used for crime (voice phishing, etc.)
  • ③ Accounts that are likely to be abused for crimes such as voice phishing and money laundering (small amounts, long-term unused accounts, etc.) may have their security level adjusted according to the operating policy.
  • ④ The conditions and details of restrictions within the scope of use restrictions in this article shall be determined by the company in the operation policy and usage guide.
  • ⑤ In the event of restricting the use of the service or terminating the use contract pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify the member by the method pursuant to Article 22.
  • ⑥ Members may file an objection to the restriction of use pursuant to this Article through the Aladdin Exchange Customer Center. At this time, if the company admits that the objection is justified, the company immediately resumes using the service.
  • ⑦ The company may request a member to clarify the source of the fund in order to determine whether the reason for the restriction on use applies.

18. Termination of Use Contract

  • ① Members can apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the customer center in the service, and the company must deal with it immediately as stipulated by relevant laws.
  • ② When the following reasons occur to the member, the company may set a time limit to use the service and request correction. Despite the request for correction, the contract of use may be terminated if the correction is not made within a considerable period of time or if the same violation is repeatedly committed two or more times.
    • 1. In the event of a violation of the member's obligations stipulated in Article 10 of these Terms and Conditions or a reason for restriction of use stipulated in Article 17
    • 2. In case of violating related laws such as illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Act on the provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of copyright law, promotion of information and communication network use, and information protection, distribution of malicious programs, and excessive access rights.
    • 3. When an act or attempt is made to hinder the smooth progress of the service provided by the company
    • 4. In the case of any other reason that cannot maintain this contract due to the reasons applicable to each subparagraph.
  • ③ Upon termination of the use contract pursuant to the preceding paragraph, all benefits obtained through the use of the service lapse, and the company does not compensate for this.
  • ④ In the event of termination of the service use contract pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify the member by the method pursuant to Article 19.
  • ⑤ When the termination of the use contract is completed, all information of the member except for the information that the company must hold in accordance with the relevant laws and personal information processing policy will be deleted.
  • ⑥ In spite of the preceding paragraph, if the company terminates the use contract pursuant to paragraph 2, the company may keep the member's information for a certain period of time for receiving and processing the member's objection, and after that period, the member's information (however, Digital asset transactions are excluded).

19. Notice to Members

  • ① When the company notifies the member, it can be done using the e-mail address provided by the member unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions.
  • ② If the company notifies all members, it can replace the notice in the preceding paragraph by posting it on the bulletin board within the service for more than 7 days.

20. Liability Limitation

  • ① If the company or member inflicts damage to the other party by violating these terms and conditions, it is liable to compensate for the damage. However, this is not the case if there is no intention or negligence of the actor.
  • ② In the event of any damage to a member due to the following reasons, the Company shall not be held liable for the damage if it proves that the company has taken the care of the administrator necessary to prevent the member from occurring.
    • 1. When it is unavoidable, such as wartime, incident, natural disaster, or equivalent national emergency
    • 2. In case of compliance with governmental agencies' de facto or legal administrative measures and orders
    • 3. In case of service failure of telecommunication service companies including key telecommunications business operators under the Telecommunications Business Act
    • 4. In the event of a service failure due to a defect in the outsourced system that the company cannot manage or a cause attributable to the user
    • 5. In case of server failure due to instantaneous increase in access to the homepage or a large number of orders for some items
    • 6. In the event of a failure or error in the transaction system, deposit/withdrawal system, network of each digital asset (ex : Bitcoin network) within the service
  • ③ Necessary manager's caution in Paragraph 2 of this Article includes the following.
    • 1. Appointment and management of information protection officer
    • 2. Information protection education
    • 3. Computer room (a place where computing equipment, communication and security equipment are installed that store important information or necessary for digital asset transactions, which is the company’s essential business), facilities in the building where the computer room is located, and information protection system (information processing system Equipment and programs to protect information, etc. from leakage, forgery, tampering, or disrupting the normal service of the information processing system) and information processing systems (hardware, software and related equipment used in the information technology sector, including digital asset transactions) ) Protection measures
    • 4. Establish information security incident response plan
    • 5. Regular inspection of information protection measures and countermeasures against security incidents
    • 6. Matters prescribed by digital asset handling companies in other information protection laws

21. Important Matters

Digital assets are not endorsed by financial institutions or governments. In addition, the high level of risk associated with digital assets and digital asset trading, volatility in the cryptocurrency market, problems with internet connection or disconnection, blockchain, software errors, hacking, phishing or malicious software attacks, loss of significant or all cryptocurrencies, hard Members agree that the company or affiliates are not liable for losses arising from or incurred due to the specified risks, such as changes in laws and regulations in all jurisdictions related to forking and cryptocurrency. In no case should the company be construed as guaranteeing the financial security of the digital assets provided by the company. Members can trade digital assets to recognize the loss of some or all of their investments. Members are not responsible for any losses arising or arising from the sale of digital assets available on the website. The company is not liable in any way.


These terms will apply from January 1, 2021.

Privacy policy

Aladdin Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') takes the protection of users' personal information very seriously, and is doing its best to protect the personal information that users provide to the company in order to use the company's services (digital asset transaction service). The Privacy Policy applies to information collected when you use Aladdin Exchange's websites, APIs or services. It is recommended that users review the privacy policy prior to using Aladdin Exchange. By accessing the Aladdin Exchange, you consent to our collection and management of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
This privacy policy may be changed according to the relevant laws and the company's internal policies, and the revision can be easily checked through version management.

1. Personal Information Items Collected

The company collects your personal data, including but not limited to cryptocurrency wallet addresses, IP addresses, physical locations, email addresses, browser types and versions, language, reference sites, time zone settings, operating systems and platforms, marketing collateral reception preferences, and transactions. The company may also collect information such as identification, contact information, and address if it believes it is necessary to provide services to members.

2. Personal Information Processing Purpose

The company processes the user's personal information for the following purposes: The personal information being processed is not used for any purpose other than the following, and if the purpose of use is changed, the company may consider changing standard practices and procedures or comply with new laws and regulations from time to time.

  • 1. Managing user information
    • - Identify users, manage user information, and deliver various notices
    • - User counseling and handling of complaints
    • - Withdrawal processing through non-face-to-face authentication, mobile phone number, initialization of KYC, etc.
  • 2. Delivering Services
    • - Confidentiality and digital asset transaction relationships are verified.
    • - matters concerning overall service management, such as establishment, maintenance, and termination of digital asset transaction relations, etc.
  • 3. Event information guidance
    • - Provide information on various events and advertisements
    • - New services, customized services, etc.

3. Rights, obligations, and exercise methods of users and legal representatives

  • ① The user can exercise the right to the company at any time to view, correct, delete, or request suspension of processing of personal information. However, due to the company's policy, the exercise of rights such as accessing, correcting, deleting, and requesting suspension of processing of personal information of users may be restricted.
  • ② The exercise of the user's rights can be done in writing or through e-mail, and the company will take action without delay.
  • ③ The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 can be done through the user's legal representative or a person who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney according to the format requested by the company.
  • ④ When requesting correction or deletion of personal information, if the personal information is specified as the object of collection in other laws, the deletion cannot be requested.
  • ⑤ The company verifies whether the person who made the request, such as a request for access according to the user's right to use, request for correction or deletion, or request for suspension of processing, is the person or a legitimate agent.

4. Responsibility for link sites

The company may provide users with links to other external sites. In this case, the company does not have control over the external site, so you cannot be responsible for or warrant the usefulness, integrity, or legality of the service or data provided by the external site, and the privacy policy of the linked external site is irrelevant to the company, so please check the policies of the external site.

5. Changes to the privacy policy

If there is any addition, deletion, or modification of the current privacy policy, it will be notified through "notifications" from at least seven days prior to the revision. However, important changes in user rights such as collection and utilization of personal information and provision of third parties will be notified at least 30 days in advance.


These terms will apply from January 1, 2021.

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