Homeros (HMR)

1. Homeros (HMR) information

First publication January 2009
Block generation cycle 10 minutes
Total issuance limit 10,000,000,000 HMR
Consensus Protocol Proof-of-Play
Developer Adilzhan Mukhamediyev
Main homepage https://homerosnet.com/

2. Homeros (HMR) overview

  • Homeros is a blockchain-based platform made only for the gaming community. It presents modern and innovative features to take the gaming industry to the next level.

3. Characteristics of Homeros (HMR)

  • It aims to become a decentralized gaming ecosystem that will improve the method games are developed and played. The platform is designed to adapt to the needs and benefits of developers and players.
  • Through the Homeros platform, community members can develop and launch blockchain games, in-game trade, loots through the marketplace, play different and custom games, and access quality game guides and walkthroughs.
  • Well-established associations and various players can buy and sell exclusive and game-specific in-game items to improve the gaming experience. The community can also organize competitions and crowdfund for the prize pot in HMR tokens.