Sign UpI didn’t receive a verification email

A The verification email is sent only to the email you entered when signing up. Please, make sure your email is not blocked and check the 'Inbox' and 'Spam' folders carefully. If the email does not arrive after several attempts, please contact customer support service.

Sign UpI want to sign up as a corporate member.

A Currently, we are not accepting membership registration from companies and corporations. If there will be any changes in the future, we will inform you through the official notice.

Sign UpIs it possible for minors to transact after signing up?

A Aladdin Exchange restricts the use of minors under the age of 19.

Sign UpHow do I sign up if I don't have a mobile phone?

A You can't sign up if you don’t have a mobile number under your name.


A TNC is the reward Aladdin exchange users receive after certain events. TNC can be acquired through registration or referral.

REWARDSHow to earn TNC

A Members can obtain TNC by participating in events held on the Aladdin Exchange. Currently, users can obtain it through the Pre-Registration and Invite Friends events.

REWARDSHow many friends can I invite?

A You can invite as many friends as you want to get TNC in the Invite Friends event.

REWARDSHow to exchange TNC

A Earned TNC can be exchanged after KYC verification upon the official opening of the Aladdin exchange. However, locked TNC cannot be exchanged.

REWARDSIs it possible to transfer and trade TNC?

A Users can use the earned TNC coins only after KYC verification.

REWARDSWhere can I check the earned TNC?

A You can check the earned TNC on MY DASHBOARD.

REWARDSWhat are the pre-registered members’ event rewards?

A Users will receive 100 TNC for participating in the pre-registration event. This one-time reward is locked and can be used once the exchange is officially open.

REWARDSHow does Invite Friend reward work?

A Earn rewards from inviting your friends onto the Aladdin exchange. Once a new member completes registration using your Referral ID, you will receive 20 TNC per referral. The rewarded TNC will be initially locked.

REWARDSHow to unlock locked TNC

A Locked TNC will be unlocked after two requirements are met. First, your friend must complete their KYC verification. Second, the Aladdin exchange must officially open.